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Multi-bag filter

Multi-bag filter

The quick switch structure is an ultra-simple, easy-to-use and secure operating system that reduces downtime to ultra-short, promotes productivity and reduces operating costs.

Multi-bag filter is mainly composed of three parts: filter housing, support net blue, and filter bag. When filtering liquid with a fully automatic drain filter, the liquid comes from the side of the filter container or

The lower liquid inlet is used to enter the filter bag from above the filter bag supported by net blue.The filter bag is unfolded due to the impact of the liquid and the uniform pressure surface, so that the liquid material is obtained on the entire inner surface of the filter bag

Evenly distributed, liquid passing through the filter bag along the blue wall of the metal support net. It is discharged from the liquid outlet at the bottom of the filter. The filtered particles are trapped in the filter bag to complete the filtering process.

In order to keep the filter efficient and smooth, as well as to ensure that the downstream liquid is not polluted, the machine should be stopped after a period of operation. Open the filter end cover and take out the retentate with the filter bag.

Replace with a new filter bag. The replacement cycle depends on the actual situation.

The multi-bag filter is suitable for large-flow filtration, which can contain more impurities, and is also suitable for occasions where the filter bag needs to be replaced after a long time.

Quick opening design is a stainless steel bag filter with very convenient daily maintenance. Provide different materials such as CS carbon steel, 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel, suitable for handling various acids and alkalis

Body, solvent and various neutral liquids; Filters with heating jacket, under 10 kg pressure and anti-corrosion coating on the inner surface can be provided to meet the requirements of different customers and different occasions.

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