Bag filter system

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Bag filter system

Bag filter system

Bag filter is a multi-purpose filtration equipment with a wide range of applications and strong adaptability. The probability of side leakage of the filter bag is small, which can accurately ensure the filtration accuracy, and can quickly replace the filter bag. The filter fineness is ensured by the filter bag, and no sample retest is required in the middle.

Atlan series bag filters and straight-through basket filters are composed of a housing, a precision filter cartridge and a filter bag. Internal crusts and components have all been formed into standard parts

It is widely used in industry and has formed a standard system. Customers can meet the demanding requirements of different applications based on Atlanta's standard single-bag or multi-bag filter systems.
The single bag filter can provide high-precision high-performance devices and pre-filtration economical filter devices.The difference between the two lies in the structural changes. As the working conditions continue to improve, the filter

The requirements of results, Atlanta's continuous research and development of innovative and more valuable, more economical, more stable products to meet market demand.
Atlan series multi-bag filters can provide 1-24 filter bags to choose from, diversified and advanced filter designs, precision filter bags, and automated combinations to provide you with optimized solutions

Solutions to help save energy and reduce operating costs.