HEPA filter

HEPA filter

3A-FC ™ -H cluster backwash filter 3A-FC ™ -H high-efficiency cake layer filter is YATALA's standard model. A plurality of candle tubes are arranged inside the casing, and a filter cloth is used for filtering the filtrate and solids. After filtering, the filter cake can be dried, discharged, and the filter cloth can be fully automatically operated. Since there is no driving device and the structure is simple, it can cope with the large filtering area.

3A-FC ™ -H Cluster Backflushing Filter

3A-FC ™ -H HEPA filter is a standard model of YATALA. There are multiple candle tubes inside the casing, and the candle tube has a filter cloth to filter the filtrate and solids.

body. After filtering, the filter cake can be dried, discharged, and the filter cloth can be cleaned automatically. Because there is no driving device and the structure is simple, it can respond to large filtration areas.

Happening. In addition, the sealing part that is very important for the filter is a sealed hose developed by YATALA, which realizes stable filtration without leakage and can be applied to all industries.

Simple structure, no need for driving device, fully automatic filter.

Structure and working principle

The raw liquid is filtered into a filter by a pump. The filtrate is recovered from the filtrate outlet at the upper part of the filter body through each filtrate tube. The filter cake attached to the filter element is air-dried

After drying, the solid cake was recovered from the lower part of the filter body by back blowing gas. The same is true for in-line backwash filters. In addition, the filter cake can also be pulped by backwashing.

Liquid recovery. After the operation of the filtering project is stopped, the automatic valve at the lower part of the body is opened, and the filter cake is discharged from the lower part by back blowing gas.


1. No driving device 5. Strong corrosion resistance (optionally lined with PP) 9. Large filtering area

2. Completely sealed 6. Guarantee the integrity of the filter cake layer 10. Good circulation

3.Full-automatic operation 7.Energy saving and improved efficiency 11.Renewable filter element

4. Multi-function (filtration, thickening, washing) 8. Large dirt holding capacity 12. No residual liquid

Surface treatment

CS shell: spray anti-corrosive paint after blasting inside and outside 304 shell: sand blasting or polishing

CS lining: anti-corrosion paint sprayed on the outer surface after food blasting Food grade: mirror polishing on the inner and outer surface

Service Process

Standard sizes

Application area

Organic chemical industry

Terephthalic acid, phenolic resin, melamine resin, PVC recycling, mineral oil, latex (rubber pulp), polycarbonate (PC), amino acid, spinning solution, synthetic rubber, pharmaceutical intermediates, acetate fiber

Resin coating lacquer ・ Glycerin (glycerol) ・ Fluid paraffin (white oil) ・ Crude dimethylformamide ・ Agrochemical intermediate

Inorganic chemical industry

Hydrofluoric acid, brine, silicate soda, silicon wafer polishing solution, ferrous chloride, plating solution, aluminum hydroxide aqueous solution, barium sulfate, phosphoric acid solution, rolling oil, titanium oxide, carbon tetrachloride, graphite

Slurry, Semiconductor Etching Solution, Waste Fluoric Acid

food industry

Glucose ・ Sorbitol ・ Sake unfiltered sake ・ Cooking oil crude oil ・ Citric acid solution ・ Decolorization of cooking oil ・ Dewaxing of cooking oil ・ Sugar solution ・ Tea ・ Wine ・ Sweet wine

Environment and waste

Tunnel dust collecting fan ・ Exhaust gas for desulfurization and desulfurization device ・ Drainage of methacrylic acid ・ (Poly) vinyl chloride resin production drainage