Maintenance method of lubricating oil filter

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Maintenance method of lubricating oil filter

Date: 2019-12-23

Maintenance method of lubricating oil filter

1. When the vacuum filter in operation needs to interrupt the operation, the heating power should be disconnected for 5 minutes before the operation of the oil pump is stopped, in order to prevent some of the oil in the oil pipeline from being thermally decomposed to produce hydrocarbon gases;

2. After the outdoor low temperature environment operation is completed, it is necessary to drain the vacuum pump to the condenser and the water stored in the cooling water tank to prevent low temperature icing and damage the equipment;

3. When the filter is not in use, the contaminated oil in the vacuum pump should be exhausted and filled with new oil;

4. The condenser and heater of the vacuum filter should be inspected regularly. The dirt collected in the condenser heat pipe can be blown with compressed air to prevent the heat transfer ability from decreasing: If carbon deposits are found on the surface of the heating element of the electric heater, Find out the cause and eliminate it to improve the heating efficiency of the adder.

The contaminated oil enters the heater through the inlet under the effect of vacuum suction from outside atmospheric pressure. The heated oil enters the primary filter, large particles of impurities are filtered out, and then the oil enters the vacuum separator and flows through the special junior equipment. The divergent device makes a huge external surface area per unit volume of oil, exposes the contaminated oil to an atmosphere with a relatively low temperature, and then removes the water, air, and gas from the oil, and the mixed gas formed by transpiration water vapor and gas. The water tank and the cooler condense into liquid and enter the water reservoir together, and the remaining gas is evacuated by vacuum. The oil that has been removed from the water is input to the fine filter by the oil drain pump to remove particulate impurities, that is, to purify the oil, to complete a purification process. Depending on the amount of water content, multiple cycles are required to completely remove the water.

Fine filtering material with strong ability to remove impurities, large area and deep layer can remove fine particles in oil. Active backwashing function, actively cleaning the filter, trapped many impurities. Advanced medium heat absorption condensation system. The smooth oil filter is provided with pressure maintenance, active temperature control heating, active separation of condensate equipment, and drainage during online operation. The operation is simple, safe and reliable. Adopting high-quality filter materials, large amount of dirt, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high mechanical strength, high accuracy in removing impurities, and long service life. Unique degassing and dehydration system; using three-dimensional transpiration skills, multi-level oil-water separation skills, and agile separation of water, gas and impurities in oil.

The lubricating oil filter mainly deals with industrial oils such as unqualified mechanical oil, hydraulic oil, compressor oil, and refrigerator oil. It can quickly and effectively remove water, gas, impurities and volatiles from the oil, the viscosity of the healing oil, flash point and Application performance. The smooth oil after treatment has low emulsification value, low water content, high impurity accuracy, and can be reused from scratch in high-precision hydraulic smoothing equipment at home and abroad. It is suitable for petroleum, chemical, mining, metallurgy, power, transportation, machinery manufacturing, Various smooth purification and regeneration treatments for railway and other occupations.

Whether the individual parts of the filter have undergone the adjustment test before leaving the factory, and the parts must be checked for intactness when shipped to the application site. The filter is installed smoothly, and the oil inlet is connected to the oil outlet at the lower part of the fuel tank, and the oil outlet is connected to the upper part of the fuel tank. The filter is connected to the power supply and the ground wire. The distribution cabinet and the oil pump, vacuum pump, and heater wiring of the machine should be checked to ensure that the connection is firm and the insulation is reliable. Start the oil pump in the motor test and investigate whether it rotates clockwise, otherwise, change the phase of the power supply. When operating hydraulic oil and other mechanical oils online, it is necessary to appropriately supplement the oil with the same trademark to ensure the normal oil level in the fuel tank.