Product features of automatic brush filter

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Product features of automatic brush filter

Date: 2020-01-15

The internal structure of the full-automatic brush filter is composed of stainless steel wire brush, stainless steel filter screen and transmission parts. It is automatically cleaned and drained by the drive motor and electric valve. The operation method is automatic operation (also manual operation). Automatic drainage of two layers of functions.

When water flows through the filter, mechanical impurities in the water are intercepted by the filter. When the accumulated impurities on the surface of the filter increase and the pressure difference reaches the set pressure difference, the pressure difference switch will announce the signal, and the control box will announce the instruction and transmission. The motor starts, the sewage valve is opened, and the impurities deposited in the filter are brushed by the rotating brush and discharged from the sewage outlet. The entire process of flushing and sewage does not require personnel to operate and does not need to stop. The manual cleaning and drainage function ensures that the water is safe and reliable under any circumstances.

The automatic brush filter overcomes many shortcomings of traditional filtration products, such as the small amount of dirt, easy to be blocked by dirt, the filtering part needs to be disassembled and cleaned, and the condition of the filter cannot be monitored. The function of sewage discharge, and the system provides uninterrupted water supply during cleaning and sewage discharge, which can monitor the working condition of the filter and has a high degree of automation.

1) The filtration accuracy is 100 micron by default, and it is optional from 50 to 3000 micron. The filtering area is large and the amount of pollution is high. The user can customize it according to the actual working conditions.

2) The cleaning method is simple, and the cleaning cycle is electronically monitored, which can complete automatic cleaning and drainage. All parameters in the automatic brush filter control system can be adjusted.

3) Equipped with motor overload maintenance, which can effectively maintain the motor.

4) It has the characteristics of uninterrupted water supply and no bypass when cleaning and discharging sewage, and the cleaning time is short, and the water consumption of sewage is less, which does not exceed 1% of the total flow.

5) Strong maintainability, easy installation and disassembly.

6) The connection method with the user pipeline is flange connection. The flange adopts the national standard flange, which has strong versatility.