What are the characteristics of the automatic sewage filter?

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What are the characteristics of the automatic sewage filter?

Date: 2020-01-19

Automatic sewage filter is mainly composed of high-quality carbon steel cylinder, stainless steel wedge filter, butterfly valve and sewage device. When the filter is in operation, the butterfly valve is in the open state, the water flows from the inlet to the filter, and after filtering through the filter to the outlet, the impurities in the water are blocked by the filter.

One: The function of the automatic sewage filter is to remove and filter impurities and dirt in the pipeline, keep the water in the system clean, reduce resistance, protect equipment and prevent pipeline blockage.

Second: the ordinary filter requires the system to stop the sewage before the sewage is discharged, the automatic sewage filter does not need to stop, and the online sewage is truly completed.

main feature

1. High filtering precision: Wide filtering precision range, d = 0.5 ~ 1.2mm;

2. Large amount of filtered water: The filter has a small pressure loss and a large amount of treated water, which can reach 3000m3 / h;

3. Long service life: It is composed of stainless steel wedge-shaped bar screen and high-quality carbon steel cylinder.

4. Low induction cost: no need to remove and replace the filter, the service life is up to 20 years;

5. Simple operation and high efficiency: no need to connect bypass, no need to disassemble and clean up, good filtering and recoil effect.

Atlan Corporation has a series of intact filtration solutions: steel, composite materials; manual to fully automatic; filtration accuracy from 0.01 microns to 3500 microns-Atlan Corporation can provide filtration solutions for almost all needs.

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