Principle and application of sucking automatic cleaning filter

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Principle and application of sucking automatic cleaning filter

Date: 2020-02-26

Working principle of sucking automatic cleaning filter

When the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the electric suction-type automatic cleaning filter reaches the preset value or when the cleaning time is reached, and the filter is prefabricated manually, the filter will start the self-cleaning process. The entire self-cleaning process includes two steps: turning on the electric suction-type automatic cleaning. The active drain valve on the filter; the motor drives the cleaning brush of the electric suction-type automatic cleaning filter screen, and the impurities blocked by the screen are discharged from the drain valve. The entire cleaning process takes about 15 seconds (can be set according to user requirements). The system continuously flows during cleaning. The entire running process of the electric suction automatic cleaning filter is controlled by a control box equipped with the machine. The control method can select pressure difference, time, manual and PLC control.

Control System

It adopts industrial monolithic PLC active control and Chinese display. The backwash can be controlled according to the pressure difference or timing, and can be manually or forcedly cleaned, even when the power is off. Set the filtering interval time and cleaning time on site. Operation signal, cleaning signal, fault signal output and communication signal output.

typical application

1. Paper industry-white water filtration.

2. Urban landscape water pretreatment system.

3, the plastic industry-product cooling water filtration.

4. Irrigation-suitable for high-flow, high-impurity water sources, agricultural irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, parks, golf courses, turf irrigation, etc.

5. Raw water treatment-can filter surface river water, lake water, seawater, reservoir water, well water and groundwater, remove sand, algae, etc.

6, cooling water treatment-cooling tower, make up water system, air conditioning system, DC system water filtration, reduce the generation of sediment in the heat exchanger, keep it cool.

7. Industrial water filtration-used in equipment that requires water quality, such as cooling towers, rolling mills, continuous casting machines, polishing, pumps, solenoid valves, ion exchangers, sprayers, heat exchangers, etc. Filter out impurities in the water, and the pipes, nozzles and other components are not blocked.