How to do the maintenance work of the cylinder scraper filter?

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How to do the maintenance work of the cylinder scraper filter?

Date: 2020-03-09

Cylinder scraper filter liquid flows in from the inlet. The disc-shaped scraper with spring is closely attached to the inside and outside of the filter element. It stops at the upper end of the filter element. The liquid passes through the scraper and moves outward from the inside and outside of the filter element. , The liquid flows out from the outlet; as time passes, the impurities gradually increase, the pressure difference rises, and the filter element is cleaned according to the set pressure difference or punctuality. It is a fine device that uses filters to directly block impurities in water, remove suspended matter and particles in water, reduce turbidity, purify water quality, reduce system dust, bacteria, algae, rust, etc., to purify water quality and maintain the normal operation of other equipment in the system The water enters the self-cleaning filter body from the water inlet. Because of the intelligent (PLC, PAC) planning, the system can automatically identify the degree of impurity accumulation and automatically discharge the sewage signal to the sewage valve.

Do you know how to maintain it? Problems occur when the machine has been working for a long time. As long as it is maintained, it can prolong its service life. Scraper self-cleaning filter maintenance is also relatively easy. First of all, do the following:

1. Check the scraper on time to see if the scraper is worn or deformed, and replace the accessories in time.

2. Pack the filters on time. Although self-cleaning filters can clean the filters themselves, some highly viscous or corrosive filter materials can cause corrosion of the filters. Packing the filters on time can increase the service life of the filters.

3. The self-cleaning filter uses three methods: pressure difference, time and manual. The pressure differential value should be set reasonably, and it is suggested to be within 0.1MPa. Excessive pressure differential may cause the filter screen to be blocked in advance.

4. If the time-driven method is selected, the cleaning cycle should be set close to the uniform cycle under the filter differential pressure cleaning mode.

5. The air cylinder scraper filter is not necessary for a long time. The scraper and filter should be removed, washed, sealed and stored to prevent damage.