High flow filter

High flow filter

3A-GM ™ -D large flow filter overview 3A-GM ™ -D series large flow fine filter is imported and used in conjunction with imported 3M and PALL filter elements. It is developed in combination with years of filter fluid design experience and can be designed in a compact system. The equipment has a small footprint and a large processing flow. The structure can be vertical or horizontal.

3A-GM ™ -D High Flow Filter Overview

3A-GM ™ -D series of large flow fine filters are imported and used with 3M and PALL filter elements. They are developed and combined with years of filter fluid design experience.

In the compact system design, the equipment covers an extremely small area and an excessively large processing flow. The structure has vertical and horizontal options.

product advantages

1.Large circulation

The GM ™ -D series filter has a unique design, and the flow rate of a single filter element can reach 70T / H. Therefore, fewer filters are needed to meet your flow requirements. Compared with other filters at the same flow, the selection is as follows:

2.High dust holding capacity and high precision

The GM ™ -D series filter is a filter element made of a deep folding process structure. The single filter element has a large dirt holding capacity of 11Kg.

PPS Deep Radial Folding Filter Element 2500g / 10 ”

PPT horizontal folding filter element 250g / 10 ”

Accuracy range: 1,2,5,10,15,25,40 and 70 microns (of course accuracy)

Filtration efficiency: 99.9%

Material passed FDA certification

3.Large filtration area

GM ™ -D series high-flow filter elements are made of high-performance polypropylene non-woven fabrics, which are optimized for their filtration performance and fluid quality to ensure customer satisfaction. Radial discount

The gauge makes the filter element have a large effective filtering area.

4. Stable and reliable

GM ™ -D series large flow filters and lubricating oil filters are supported by a guide rod or a filter cartridge. The top of the filter is provided with a gland to strain the filter.

It guarantees that the filter element will not be loosened or dropped due to vibration during the operation of the filter, and it also ensures that the filter element is dropped during the transportation.

5.Strong sealing performance

All sealing positions of GM ™ -D series high-flow filters are sealed with O-ring structure, which integrates the sealing problem caused by the positive and negative tolerances of the finished parts.

Design and manufacturing standards

Filter design: PPS filter with 70T / H / 40 "PPT filter with 50T / H / 40"

The shell design is based on the container standard, and the wall thickness of the shell is calculated by SW6.

Flange standards HG, GB, ASME, JIS, DIN

Manufacturing standard GB150-2011

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