Characteristics of coalescence degreaser technology and its application status

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Characteristics of coalescence degreaser technology and its application status

Date: 2019-10-11

The coalescing degreaser technology appeared in the 1950s. The initial method was to add a filler section in the front section of the ordinary oil trap to fill it with crushed stones and other particles to improve the degreasing efficiency. Due to the large particle size of the crushed stone filler used at that time, the coalescence performance was poor, and the increase in oil removal efficiency was not obvious. Therefore, the coalescence and oil removal technology has not attracted people's attention for a considerable period of time since then.
Until the early 1970s, due to the development of the crude oil extraction industry and the petrochemical industry, on the one hand, the amount of oily wastewater increased significantly, on the one hand, it was urgently requested to improve the disposal efficiency of degreasing structures.On the other hand, the rapid development of the chemical industry was also concentrated. The application of coalescing and degreasing technology has provided information on coalescing with better performance, so coalescing and degreasing technology has only been developed. The United States and Japan have a large number of materials and patent guidance in this regard, and there are a large number of examples of industrial applications.
In 1977, China's Fushun Petroleum Research Institute used paraffin wax and polyolefin to make φ1.0-4.0mm pellets as agglomeration information.Stopped small-scale disposal experiments of oily wastewater in refineries in ψ36mm glass tubes, and the oil removal efficiency reached 60- 70%. Dongfanghong Refinery's industrial coalescence degreasing experiment with oily wastewater from the refinery stopped, the degreasing efficiency reached 713%. In September 1984, the coalescence degreasing industrialization experiment stopped in Daqing Oilfield was successful, and the successful oilfield and Dagang oilfield also successively stopped the experiment of coalescer degreaser technology.

The degreaser uses combined technologies such as swell, agglutination, molecular adsorption, vacuum monotony, mechanical filtration, etc., which can remove water, impurities, soaps, acids, gums, pigments, etc. in the turbine oil, and make the turbine oil seriously emulsified Demulsified, bright, qualified standards, suitable for online purification and disposal of turbines, such as hydraulic, thermal power generating units, industrial steam turbine units. The oil filter plan is mainly composed of primary filters, heaters, vacuum cylinders, atomizers, vacuum pumps, oil discharge pumps, coolers, temperature controllers, fine filters and electrical controls. The centrifugal separate oil purifier has simple operation principle and significant effect. Inside it is a rotor with a double jet nozzle, which only needs to be driven by the pressure of the oil.