Technical characteristics and scope of high-efficiency coalescing degreaser

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Technical characteristics and scope of high-efficiency coalescing degreaser

Date: 2019-10-09

The high-efficiency coalescing degreaser is a new type of high-efficiency degreaser optimized and improved on the basis of absorbing foreign advanced technology and concepts. The degreaser uses a two-way design CFD to optimize the internal flow field and complete the reasonable planning of the internal activities of the degreaser, thereby improving the separation efficiency and reducing the size of the container; by using efficient coalescing internals, the diameter of the oil droplets is increased. It greatly shortens the oil droplet residence time, completes the efficient oil-water separation, and makes the container size smaller and the structure more compact; through the use of fully automatic control and closed-type pressure oil removal, the installation and operation are stable, safe and reliable, and the operation is convenient. Can adapt to a variety of complex conditions.
Technical characteristics 1) Two-way activity design and CFD optimization, compact structure and small space area (only about 50% of traditional separator);
2) Efficient agglomeration of internals, small removal particle size, short residence time (only about 30% of traditional separator), high separation efficiency (more than 90% of oil removal efficiency);
3) The agglomerated internal materials have strong corrosion resistance (enhanced pp or stainless steel), long service life, less maintenance, and low operating and maintenance costs;
4) The coalescing filler adopts a common flow channel design, which can avoid the accumulation of sediment, block the filler, reduce the number of maintenance and low maintenance costs while completing the rapid collision and coalescence of oil droplets;
5) Fully automatic control and lock-in operation with pressure, low labor cost, stable operation, safe and reliable.
Scope of application 1) Disposal of water consumed by onshore oilfields or offshore oil wells 2) Disposal of various oily wastewater generated during the petrochemical consumption process (such as electric desalination and oily wastewater, coking acid water, etc.)
3) Disposal of oily wastewater in oil depots (cut water from oil storage tanks, etc.)
4) Disposal of other oily wastewater (steel plant cooling water, cleaning wastewater, etc.)
Main technical parameters 1) Disposal ability: 1 ~ 150m3 / hr
2) Working pressure: 0.1 ~ 1.0MPa
3) Influent: oil <1000gl, suspended="" matter=""><500mg>
4) Effluent: oil <100mgl, suspended="" matter=""><100mg>
5) Design temperature: 85 ° C.

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