Precautions for lubricating oil filters

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Precautions for lubricating oil filters

Date: 2019-12-24

The correct use of lubricating oil filters can effectively control the cleanliness of smooth oil, reduce the wear of smooth parts of machinery, greatly reduce the failure rate of equipment, and then increase the service life of equipment. Among them, protecting the filter is the key link.

Because the smooth oil system is mostly an uninterrupted working system, most smooth oil filters are double-barrel filters. The user should read the instruction manual carefully and protect it strictly according to the operating procedures.

During work, when dirt blocks the filter element and the differential pressure rises to the set value, the differential pressure transmitter announces a signal alarm, and the filter element needs to be replaced at this moment.

During operation, the operator must first loosen the venting plug of the standby cavity and open the pressure balancing valve. After the liquid overflows the standby cavity, tighten the venting plug. Turn the reversing valve handle to another position. At this time, the standby cavity starts to work, and the original working cavity is closed at the same time. After closing the pressure balancing valve, you can unscrew the vent plug of the original working cavity and the drain plug at the lower part to drain the dirty oil. After that, open the filter cover and take out the dirty filter element. Clean and clean the filter housing and filter cover, check and replace the aging or damaged seal ring on the filter housing, replace with a new filter element, install the filter cover, and screw on the oil drain plug for future use.

Although most products are equipped with a bypass valve in preparation for the signal to be announced by the differential pressure transmitter, and when there is no one on site or it is inconvenient to stop at the moment, the bypass valve is opened only when the differential pressure continues to rise to a larger allowable value, ensuring the system continue working. However, it should be noted that at this moment the oil is not filtered and cleanliness cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, after the alarm is issued, the filter element should be replaced in time.

When replacing the filter element, care must be taken to prevent dirt from falling into the oil cavity and secondary pollution. Because the smooth filter elements are mostly metal mesh filter elements, the dirty filter elements can be cleaned and reused.