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Explore straight-through basket filters

Date: 2019-12-25

There are many types of filters. Atlanta now takes you to explore the world of straight-through basket filters, what is straight-through basket filters, and when we need straight-through basket filters, how do we need to select and How to maintain it at a later stage, let us have a comprehensive understanding of straight-through basket filters.

The straight-through basket filter is mainly composed of a receiver, a main pipe, a filter basket, a flange, a flange cover and a fastener. When the liquid passes through the main pipe and enters the filter basket, solid foreign particles are blocked in the filter basket, and the clean fluid is discharged through the filter basket and the filter outlet. When cleaning is required, unscrew the screw plug at the bottom of the main pipe, drain the fluid, remove the flange cover, and then load it from the beginning after cleaning. Therefore, operation and maintenance are extremely convenient.

The straight-through basket filter is a small device that removes a small amount of solid particles in the liquid, which can maintain the normal operation of the device. When the fluid enters the filter cartridge with a certain standard filter, its impurities are blocked, and the clean filtrate is filtered by The outlet of the device is discharged. When cleaning is required, only the detachable filter cartridge needs to be taken out, and it can be loaded from the beginning after processing. Therefore, the operation and maintenance are extremely convenient. It is divided into three categories: single barrel SB34 duplex filter; single barrel bump YG07 filter; double barrel dual filter.

Selection principle

Straight-through basket filter for pipeline production standard JB / 7538

1.Import and export diameter

In principle, the inlet and outlet diameter of the filter should not be smaller than the inlet diameter of the matching pump, which is generally the same as the inlet pipeline diameter.

2.Nominal pressure

Determine the filter pressure rating based on the higher pressure that the filter line may exhibit.

3, the selection of the number of holes

The first consideration is the particle size of the impurities to be intercepted, which depends on the process requirements of the medium process.

4. Filter material:

The raw material of the filter is generally selected the same as the raw material of the connected process pipeline. For different service conditions, you can consider the selection of filters of cast iron, carbon steel, low alloy steel or stainless steel.

5.Calculation of filter resistance loss

The filter for water has a pressure loss of 0.52 to 1.2kpa under the general calculation of additional flow velocity.


1. The central part of the filter is the filter core. The filter core is composed of the filter frame and stainless steel wire mesh. The stainless steel wire mesh is a fragile part and requires special maintenance.

2. After the filter is operated for a period of time, certain impurities are deposited in the filter core. At this time, the pressure drop increases and the flow rate will decrease. It is necessary to remove the impurities in the filter core in time;

3. When cleaning impurities, pay special attention to the stainless steel wire mesh on the filter element cannot be deformed or damaged, otherwise, the filter is installed, and the purity of the filtered medium cannot meet the design requirements, and compressors, pumps, meters and other equipment will be damaged. To damage

4. If the stainless steel wire mesh is found to be deformed or damaged, it must be replaced immediately.

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