What is the purpose and filtering principle of lubricating oil filters

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What is the purpose and filtering principle of lubricating oil filters

Date: 2020-02-13

The lubricating oil used in the lubrication process must be pure and free of impurities, otherwise it will seriously endanger the machine, such as conflict surface fuzzing, jamming and blocking of Tunhu tunnels. Filtered. -General filtration equipment is to use various porous objects, barriers, or the use of different density of oil and impurities and use centrifugal force and other methods to distinguish.

So what is the purpose and filtering principle of the lubricating oil filter?

1.The purpose of the lubricating oil filter.

The process of separating solid from liquid through a medium to complete solid-liquid separation is called filtration. According to the characteristics of lubricating oil, the purpose of the lubricating oil filter is to control the size and number of mechanical particles in a unit volume.

2.Principle of lubricating oil filter

The basic principle of filtration is that under the effect of pressure difference, the liquid in the suspension passes through the permeable medium (filter medium), and the solid particles are trapped by the medium, so that the liquid and solid are separated. The commonly used filtration methods can be divided into gravity filtration, vacuum filtration, pressure filtration and centrifugal filtration. The filter media is divided into filter cake filtration and deep filtration. Filter cake filtration is applied to surface filters, which usually filter suspensions with a higher concentration (volume concentration> 1%); deep filtration is the solid particles trapped in the pores inside the medium The fine solid particles are separated from the very thin suspension. At the vicinity of the efficiency, the starting pressure of the deep filter is generally higher than that of the surface filter, and the pressure drop will gradually increase as the collected particles increase.

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