Atlanta takes you to know about cylinder scraper filters

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Atlanta takes you to know about cylinder scraper filters

Date: 2020-02-19

In order to meet the needs of the market and customers, many manufacturers have developed and produced cylinder scraper filters. Let ’s take a closer look at it.

Cylinder scraper filter is a self-developed mechanical automatic cleaning filter. This filter can automatically remove solid impurities on the surface of the filter element by means of mechanical scraping. In this way, this machine can complete continuous on-line filtration with a precision range of 25-3000 microns. It is particularly suitable for the filtration of water and viscous liquids with a viscosity of up to 8000000 centipoise.

Compared with the new cylinder scraper filter, the traditional filter is prone to blockage when filtering viscous or soft impurities. This requires the selection of large-scale filter equipment or more frequent backwashing during the filtering process. A lot of inputs will be formed, whether it is manual inputs or machine inputs, they will form a lot of mess, which will increase the workload together. The cylinder scraper filter avoids these problems very well.It can easily complete the regular cleaning of the filter element, timely discharge of high-concentration waste liquids, reduce the waste of materials, and filter waste water with poor quality, adhesives, resins, and polymers. , Coatings and grease filtrates have obvious advantages, and the power is also higher.

The air cylinder scraper filter is equipped with high-performance filter elements. The outer surface is covered with gaps, and the inner surface is smooth. The scraping effect is good, and it will not be caught by particles. Together, the openings are even and uniform, which can complete stable filtration, which is one of the more critical parts. In addition, it is integrally precision-formed, sturdy, durable, and has excellent corrosion resistance. At present, cylinder scraper filters are being used in coatings, inks and greases, water treatment, papermaking, petrochemicals, machinery processing and other occupations to effectively filter filtrates such as pyrophoric oil, edible oil, candy, and adhesives. It is welcomed by many professions.

Atlant Wuxi Cylinder Scraper Filter is an electric drive filter equipment, which is not only suitable for impurity separation filtration of suspensions, but especially for impurity separation of viscous liquids. It can be used in a wide range of industrial filtration environments. The built-in filter element of the filter generally uses a metal wedge-shaped screen, based on the principle of external filtering (direct interception). The structure of the air cylinder scraper filter is a complete set of equipment consisting of a filter system, a filter container and a drive assembly. The liquid material flows in from the superconcentrator and flows into C. After passing through the external surface of the filter, the clear liquid flows to the lower outlet of the filter, and solid impurities are trapped on the external surface of the filter; The air cylinder drives the scraper that is close to the surface of the filter element and starts to move, scraping out the miscellaneous tribute. The impurities are collected into the lower collection chamber of the filter with the descending liquid. When a certain amount is collected, the system opens the drain valve at the collection chamber, and the liquid containing high concentration impurities is discharged.