What are the advantages of using brush self-cleaning filters?

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What are the advantages of using brush self-cleaning filters?

Date: 2020-02-24

Brush-type self-cleaning filters are made of stainless steel. The stainless steel material has excellent corrosion resistance, pressure resistance, rust prevention, etc., which is very important for a water filter. There are many types of sewage, and the filtration of acidic sewage cannot be avoided. Acidic sewage is highly corrosive. The general information is poor in corrosion resistance and cannot be used in water filtration. The stainless steel material used in the brush self-cleaning filter can meet this requirement, and the anti-rust properties and compression ability enhance the service life of the brush self-cleaning filter.

Brush-type self-cleaning filter element planning and manufacturing technology, high-precision filter element does not wear, pressure inspection does not deform, and the factory precision test meets user requirements; coarse and fine filter screens are made of stainless steel welded screens, and the screen and screen form a double layer Structure: Because the filter element is actively cleaned, its anti-interference ability is enhanced. Cleaning is particularly suitable for poor water quality conditions, and it will attract more and more people to use it.

The liquid flows in from the inlet, the strip scraper is closely attached to the surface of the filter element, the liquid moves outward from the surface of the filter element through the filter, the impurities of the brush self-cleaning filter are trapped on the inner surface, and the liquid flows out of the outlet; Over time, impurities gradually increase and the pressure difference rises. Clean the filter according to the set pressure or punctuality.

The motor-driven scraper brush performs a horizontal rotary motion to clean the filter screen. When the scraper brush rotates, the impurities are eliminated by the brush and flow down the filter screen to the bottom of the filter, and the large specific gravity impurities are deposited in the dirt collection chamber. The brush type self-cleaning filter is composed of several strokes for each cleaning. After the surface of the filter is cleaned, the filtering can be resumed. Normal filtration during cleaning, uninterrupted flow. After multiple cleaning cycles, the impurities have accumulated to a certain amount, and the sewage valve is opened on time to discharge the waste liquid containing high concentrations of impurities, which can also be recovered if necessary.