Automatic suction self-cleaning filter

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Automatic suction self-cleaning filter

Automatic suction self-cleaning filter

3A-AC ™ X series filter technical parameters Power supply: 380V, 50HZ, 3-phase, control 220V Motor power: 0.37W-0.55KW Filter screen: 316 stainless steel (braided, sintered, cymbal) Filter accuracy: 500-20um sewage valve : Cast iron surface resin coating

3A-AC ™ X Series Filter Technical Parameters

Power: 380V, 50HZ, 3 phases, control 220V Motor power: 0.37W-0.55KW

Strainer: 316 stainless steel (braided, sintered, corrugated) Filter accuracy: 500-20um

Sewage valve: resin coating on cast iron surface Cleaning time: 35-60s

Working temperature: 70 ℃ Cleaning pressure loss: 0.01-0.05MPa

Working pressure: 0-1.6MPa Cleaning method: 360-degree scanning and suction

Control system: Siemens PLC cleaning mechanism speed: 14-20rpm

Control method: differential pressure, time and manual backwash time: 60S

The working principle of the suction automatic cleaning filter : Raw water flows from the water inlet, enters the filter cartridge, and then passes through the filter barrel from the inside to the outside, and the impurities are intercepted

On the inner wall of the filter cartridge, the filtered clean water flows out from the water outlet. As the impurities on the inner wall of the filter cartridge accumulate more and more, a filter cake is formed on the inner surface of the filter cartridge, and pressure is gradually formed on the inside and outside of the filter cartridge.

Differential, when the differential pressure reaches the preset value of the differential pressure controller, the self-cleaning process will start.

The self-cleaning process of the filter is completed by a suction scanner and a drain valve that spirally move along the inner surface of the filter cartridge. The opened drain valve makes the suction nozzle of the scanner

A high backwash flow rate is generated at the front end and a vacuum is formed. The filter cake attached to the inner wall of the filter cartridge is sucked out and discharged out of the body. The entire cleaning process is about 60 seconds.

Constant flow. The suction scanner of the S series has a point-by-point scanning function, which makes cleaning more thorough.

control method

The 3A-ACX series self-cleaning filter is equipped with three functions: differential pressure / time / manual. At the same time, we have specially designed priority control functions for you

Under the circumstances, as long as the system pressure difference reaches a predetermined value, the device will start the self-cleaning function, thereby better ensuring the normal operation of your system.

Control System

Siemens PLC control box integrates digital display and remote control

Differential pressure switch system

When the water difference reaches the preset value, the pressure difference switch is activated, and the electronic control system enters the backwashing procedure. The recoil time is preset and adjustable by the integrated controller.